4 Ideas for Efficiency

Batch Emails & Calls

  • Limit checking email to two half hours per day, otherwise work with Outlook offline.
  • Put your phone on mute – in emergencies, people can call twice to get through.
  • Downgrade “time drains” everywhere.
    • Downgrade calls to emails, emails to texts, and unnecessary texts to nothing.
  • Batch phone calls to the end of the day, or better yet specific days of the week.
    • The ‘open’ time can be set aside for the Quadrant 2 activities (see below) that require several hours of constant, uninterrupted, and creative critical thinking.

Source: Ferriss, Tim. The 4-Hour Workweek. Link

Stay in Quadrant 2

  • Focus on priorities in Quadrant 2, and you’ll rarely have issues fall into Quadrant 1.
  • Most people are constantly distracted by Quadrant 3 activities. Prune them.
  • Don’t get so exhausted by constantly operating in Quadrant 1 and 3 during the day that you waste your free time in Quadrant 4 activities.

Source: Covey, Stephen. The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People. Link

Operate on a Maker’s Schedule

Embrace Sleep as the Foundation of Wellness

  • Sleep is not one part of the wellness triangle. It is the entire foundation of wellness.

Sleep as the Foundation of Good Health

Source: Walker, Matthew. MasterClass: Teaches the Science of Better Sleep. Link


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