The Cannabis Investing Podcast: Depressed Valuations, Consolidation Coming

The Cannabis Investment Podcast from Seeking Alpha Visit the podcast on Seeking Alpha How should cannabis investors ride the wave of depressed valuations? Tiby Erdely, who came to cannabis from Goldman Sachs and co-founded KEY Investment Partners, talks about why consolidation is coming. We also discuss why investors should get deep into companies’ income statements […]

COVID-19 and Cannabis: An Update For 2022

Cannabis industry is facing economic aftermath of COVID-19 pandemic after experiencing unprecedented sales during lockdowns The Effect of COVID-19 on Investments in Recent Years COVID-19 will be ranked as one of the deadliest public health emergencies in history, and rightfully so. This virus spread viciously and rapidly across the world, leaving death and economic destruction […]

Why Cannabis Is An Excellent Investment Opportunity In A Challenging Economy

By Jordan Youkilis, founding partner of KEY Investment Partners For the first time in 40 years, U.S. investors are navigating crushing inflationary pressures as they seek to protect their investments while concerns about recession grow. However, just as there are investment strategies and tactics to deploy during a strong economy, the same holds true during […]

Is The Cannabis Investor Changing? As The Industry Goes Mainstream, Mainstream Investors Will Go Cannabis

By Tiby Erdely, founding partner of KEY Investment Partners There is an uninformed myth that claims the earliest investors in the regulated cannabis industry were all unsophisticated cowboys, or earthy folks that believed cannabis was good for society as well as an untapped source of medical innovations. While this is at least a partially accurate […]

Podcast: Raising Cannabis Capital Featuring Pete Karabas of KEY Investment Partners

The MJ Bulls: Raising Cannabis Capital Podcast features public companies, investors and cannabis companies that are raising capital to fund their growth. This year, the Series will feature eighteen of the cannabis industry’s top investors, reviewing the previous 12-months and sharing their 2022 investment strategies. KEY Investment Partners founding partner, Pete Karabas, was featured here […]

4 Ideas for Efficiency

Batch Emails & Calls Limit checking email to two half hours per day, otherwise work with Outlook offline. Put your phone on mute – in emergencies, people can call twice to get through. Downgrade “time drains” everywhere. Downgrade calls to emails, emails to texts, and unnecessary texts to nothing. Batch phone calls to the end […]

A Brief Introduction: The Endocannabinoid System

The Endocannabinoid System (“ECS”) is an essential regulator of bodily function, responsible for maintaining homeostasis among all organ systems. There are few physiological processes that are not affected by it to some degree – so it is quite surprising to realize that the ECS was virtually unknown up until the turn of the century[1]. Despite […]

The 2020 Election: Implications for Cannabis Legalization

The upcoming US election on November 3rd could have a far-reaching impact on the speed and direction at which federal cannabis legalization occurs. The two key outcomes driving which path the industry moves are (i) whether Donald Trump or Joe Biden wins the presidential election and (ii) whether the Democrats win or the Republicans retain control of the Senate. We’ve laid out expectations for how each of four scenarios are expected to impact the pace of cannabis legalization, in ascending order of favorability. For simplicity and based on current polling data, we assume the Democrats retain control of the House of Representatives in all four scenarios.

The Rise of Psychedelic Therapies in Treating the Mental Health Crisis

The social, economic and political fallout from COVID-19 has the potential to exacerbate the global mental health crisis, which could increase cases of suicide and depression over the coming quarters. Historically, mental health practitioners have prescribed antidepressants to help afflicted patients, but the long-term efficacy of these drugs is questionable and varies widely based on the severity of the patients’ depression[2]. However, a resurgence in the field of psychedelic research for mental health has shown promising early signs for treating a wide variety of mental health disorders and this leads to many questions: What exactly are psychedelic drugs? Where is the research today, and what are the dangers associated with these drugs? We explore these topics and more in the blog below.

Coronavirus & Cannabis – Chaos Breeds Opportunity

Our lives have dramatically changed over the past few weeks as we come to terms with the reality of the situation in which COVID-19 has placed us. For most Americans, the economy has come to a complete standstill as social distancing and increased ‘stay-at-home’ measures have become the new normal. Only certain ‘essential’ businesses remain open across the country as the nation works together to flatten the curve of this pandemic. In this blog post we will explore the impact of COVID-19 on the cannabis industry, how private equity has performed historically in distressed periods and why cannabis investors should look at the current state of the economy opportunistically.