Advisory Board

Paul Rosen

Co-Founder & Former CEO | Cronos Group

Paul Rosen is a noted career entrepreneur, management consultant and public speaker. Over the last 8 years he has become one of the most active entrepreneurs, advisors and investors in the emerging cannabis industry. Paul Rosen was a co-founder of PharmaCan Capital Corp. (NASDAQ: CRON; TSX: CRON) and served as its first President and CEO. Paul has held board positions with a number of publicly traded cannabis companies, and serves as the Executive Chairman of Global Go, an advisory focused on the global regulated cannabis industry. Paul is involved in several other cannabis businesses today.

Michael Hartman, Advisory Board, KEY Investment Partners
Antares Capital, Advisory Board, KEY Investment Partners

John Martin

Former CEO & Managing Partner | Antares Capital

John retired in May 2019 as Managing Partner and Co-CEO of Antares Capital, LP. John was a founding Partner of the original Antares Capital in 1996, a business based upon providing acquisition financing capital to the portfolio companies of Private Equity firms throughout North America. At the time of his retirement, AUM at Antares exceeded $24bn. In November 2019 he joined Victory Park Capital Advisors as a Senior Advisor to the firm. John was recently named the Chair of the Advisory Council for the IDEA Center, a hub of Innovation at Notre Dame.

SARAH GERSTEN, JD,  Advisory Board, KEY Investment Partners
Last Prisoner Project, Advisory Board, KEY Investment Partners

Sarah Gersten, JD

Exec Director & General Counsel | Last Prisoner Project

After working as an attorney at a congressional agency where she focused on legislative policy, Sarah co-founded a cannabis law firm where she led the firm’s pro bono initiative, taking on expungement and record sealing cases. Sarah went on to co-found a legal tech startup that offers legal solutions for cannabis business owners. Sarah serves as Of Counsel at Hoban Law Group. She is a member of the National Cannabis Bar Association & the NORML Legal Committee. She received her JD from Harvard Law School.

John Martin, Advisory Board, KEY Investment Partners
Canopy Growth, Advisory Board, KEY Investment Partners

Michael Hartman

Former Director, THC Strategy Group | Canopy Growth

Mike is the CEO of a start-up cannabis company currently operating in stealth mode. Most recently Mr. Hartman headed up Canopy Growth’s THC strategy group for the US marketplace. Mike began his foray into the cannabis industry as a member of Governor Hickenlooper’s cabinet when he was Executive Director for the Colorado Department of Revenue. In that capacity, Mike served as Colorado’s regulatory authority for the Cannabis, Alcohol and Tobacco, Casino, Horse Racing and Auto Dealership industries.

Brent Johnson

CEO | Hoban Law Group

Brent is the CEO of Hoban Law Group, the first U.S. based law firm to expand its cannabis industry services across the globe with attorneys in the European Union, Latin America, and beyond. He has managed, executed and participated in over $2bn in capital raising, PE, VC and M&A transactions. He routinely advises entrepreneurs, investors, executives, operators, and companies regarding entity formation, transactions, capital raising, structure, finance and operations. Brent is also an advisor and mentor to numerous companies and investment funds in the cannabis industry.

Earl Gallegos, Advisory Board, KEY Investment Partners
Earl Gallegos Management, Advisory Board, KEY Investment Partners

Earl Gallegos

Founder & CEO | Earl Gallegos Management

Mr. Gallegos founded Earl Gallegos Management LLC in July 1994 and serves as its Principal. He is Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors at Majesco Limited, served as an Outside Director of Fidelity National Real Estate Solutions, Chief Executive Officer of PracticeOne, LLC, co-founded eGovNet , also serving as its Chief Operations Officer, and was a Founder of Peak Performance Solutions Inc., a privately held insurance technology firm.

Roy Bingham,  Advisory Board, KEY Investment Partners
BDSA, Advisory Board, KEY Investment Partners

Roy Bingham

Co-founder & CEO | BDS Analytics

Roy Bingham is a Harvard MBA and former McKinsey consultant, a serial entrepreneur and the founder of BDS Analytics. Bingham started BDS Analytics after recognizing that the emerging cannabis industry lacked the kind of sophisticated, sales-based data that is both commonplace and indeed essential in other, more established industries. Among his prior businesses, Bingham was an early investor in SPINS – a very successful data analytics company for the natural products industry.