Newsletter – April 2023

KEY Funding Announcement KEY Investment Partners has invested in LeafLink, which recently closed a $100M round of fundraising! Since its founding in 2016, LeafLink has become a significant partner to the wholesale cannabis industry helping thousands of brands and retailers standardize and manage their operations. LeafLink serves approximately 50% of the U.S. wholesale cannabis industry […]

Newsletter January 2023 – Why 2023 is Shaping up to be a Big Year in Cannabis

Just like that, 2022 is behind us and a new year is here! While the capital markets have certainly been tight, we’ve seen this as an opportunity to deploy capital with valuations at historic lows. Warren Buffett once said that it is wise for investors to be “fearful when others are greedy, and greedy when […]

Newsletter – November 2022 The Latest Strides in Cannabis Reform are Bigger and Better

In case you missed it, KEY’s latest white paper “Cannabis 2.0: Investing in Today’s Regulated Industry” is available for download here: Download KEY’s Latest White Paper  Due to continued developments in the cannabis industry, the KEY team believes that the industry TAM is set to meaningfully expand in the near future. We believe the key […]

Newsletter – October 2022 Biden pardons cannabis charges supporting KEY’s latest white paper

Talk about timely… Following Biden’s pardoning of prior federal charges on simple cannabis possession and the ordering of the review of federal cannabis laws, we thought it would be prudent to share with you our recently published white paper, “Cannabis 2.0: Investing opportunities in today’s regulated industry”. In this white paper, we analyze the rapid […]

Newsletter – September 2022 Promising Legislative Trends

We hope everyone enjoyed their summer and is ready for some change as we transition into Fall. We have exciting news around some of KEY’s portfolio companies along with promising legislative trends to share with you in this newsletter. We will also highlight our growing presence in the community, as we continue to share our […]

Newsletter – July 2022

We hope everyone is thriving through the heat of summer! We have some exciting news around KEY’s most recent capital deployments to update you all on! If these deals excite you, we highly recommend reaching out for an indepth update on the opportunities KEY is currently sourcing and moving forward with. From Tech Companies to […]

Newsletter – April 2022 The Busiest Month in Cannabis

Just like that the busiest month in cannabis has come to a close. From record-breaking sales to the re-emergence of Cannabis holiday gatherings, April was a return towards cannabis normalcy. Although numbers are still trickling in, MG Retailer reports that holiday sales saw a 148% increase compared to the previous four Wednesdays. In addition, cannabis […]

Newsletter – Top Political Figures Are Pushing The U.S. Federal Government To Deschedule Cannabis

Top Political Figures Are Pushing The U.S. Federal Government To Deschedule Cannabis September 15th, 2021, Mayors throughout the U.S. are urging the federal government to deschedule cannabis. Members of the U.S. Conference of Mayors approached President Biden with the purpose to legalize cannabis at the federal level; erase previous cannabis convictions; and to ensure that […]

Newsletter – KEY Investment Partners Announcements Plus, The Latest On Legalization

Open Book Extracts Raises $11.5M Series B Funding led by KEY Investment Partners and Norte Capital As we head into the summer months, we are excited to announce a new addition to the Key Investment Partners’ portfolio. Founded in 2019, Steady State, LLC is comprised of two sub-entities, Open Book Extracts (OBX) and Steady State […]

Newsletter – Special Edition: Regulatory Momentum is Heating Up

House Passes Bill To Decriminalize Marijuana For Federal Purposes Last week Congress passed The Marijuana Opportunity Reinvestment and Expungement Act (MORE Act) with support from both sides of the aisle with a 228-164 vote in the House. The passing of this historic bill would end the federal ban on marijuana, clean up many of the […]