Cannabis Wealth – SMEs are driving the cannabis sector, but funding their growth isn’t easy

Cannabis Wealth spoke with Kevin Bush of Sweet Leaf Madison Capital – a major lender in the US cannabis sector – about his passion for supporting the little guys.


According to Kevin Bush – CFO of Sweet Leaf Madison Capital – the cannabis space is like pizza.

On one side of the spectrum, there are Domino’s and Pizza Hut; huge brands turning over millions or more each year. They’ve created a winning formula that works. Their products aren’t exceptional, but they’re consistent, cheap and powered by technology. On the opposing side is the local family-owned pizza place around the corner. Somewhere in the middle is the small to medium-sized independent businesses producing authentic pizzas in wood-fired ovens. They’ve made it their mission in life to make the best pizza in the area and they’ve put their life savings on the line to make it happen.

A similar structure can be seen in the cannabis industry with individual, self-funded dispensaries at the bottom of the rung and huge multi-state operators (MSOs) at the top.


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