The Marijuana Superweapon Biden Refuses to Use

Cannabis could be an effective tool to win over voters from both sides of the aisle, so why is Joe Biden hesitant to join the rest of his party and most other Americans? It is popular in key political states, it motivates cannabis supporters to go out and vote and appears to have little political downside. The answer is public health concerns.

National Legalization in the United States Could Result in Nearly $130 Billion in Tax Revenue, and an Estimated 1.6 Million New Jobs

States across the country are looking to cannabis to fuel both tax revenue and job growth. The cannabis industry currently employs nearly 250,000 full time jobs – and these numbers only scratch the surface for an industry that remains illegal federally and in nearly 80% of the states.

KEY Investment Partners to Partner with CanopyBoulder to Provide Cannabis Investors a Hub for News, Updates, and Deals

KEY Investment Partners will partner with CanopyBoulder to provide cannabis & hemp investors with a hub for news, updates, and deals during this difficult time. The platform kicks off on April 7th with pitches from 10 top-performing cannabis and hemp companies, followed by a panel of VCs on how COVID-19 is impacting the investment landscape.

Cannabis Shops Thrive as ‘Essential Businesses’ in Coronavirus Pandemic

As the spread of the coronavirus continues and anxiety for Americans escalates, operators of cannabis dispensaries have reported that business is booming. Named by several cities as “essential businesses,” dispensary owners have reported long lines of customers, similar to what has been seen at grocery stores and pharmacies.

Cuomo Vows to Legalize Marijuana in 2020

Governor Cuomo at his 2020 State of the State address last month vowed to legalize Marijuana in New York – citing the effort as a long overdue criminal justice reform. Quickly moving forward with his promise, Cuomo introduced new cannabis legislation as a part of his 2020 budget proposal.

McConnell Dines with Cannabis Execs after House Judiciary Approves MJ Bill

Mitch McConnell is widely considered the most significant roadblock to passing marijuana legalization into federal law insofar as the decision on which bills are heard and which are not is the sole prerogative of the Majority Leader.

North American Cannabis Takeover: Mexican President Pushes Legalization While Gallup Data Shows 66% of Americans Want it Here Too

The US could soon be the last bastion of federal marijuana prohibition in North America, as newly elected Mexican president advocates for legalization. Plus, the latest results of Gallup’s annual Crime survey are in, and they show support for legalizing marijuana holding steady at 66% from last year.

Family Offices Seeing Green on Cannabis; DEA Plans 30% Increase in Cultivation by 2020

As the rising tide of support for cannabis legalization continues to swell, private wealth advisors are beginning to recognize its huge potential as an investment opportunity – just ask Carol Pepper, founder and CEO of Pepper International.

Marijuana Reform Emerges as a Central Issue for 2020

Candidates Overwhelmingly Support Legalization. Plus, Colorado Surpasses $1B in Cannabis Sales in Record Time and Congress Hears Historic Cannabis Reform Testimony from Powerful Coalition of Civil Rights Activists

Cannabis Venture Investing Sets Record Pace in 2019

20 Governors Pen Letter to Congress in Support of Cannabis Banking Reform; Leading CPG Data Firm IRI Partners with Cannabis-focused BDS Analytics.