Newsletter – October 2022 Biden pardons cannabis charges supporting KEY’s latest white paper

Talk about timely… Following Biden’s pardoning of prior federal charges on simple cannabis possession and the ordering of the review of federal cannabis laws, we thought it would be prudent to share with you our recently published white paper, “Cannabis 2.0: Investing opportunities in today’s regulated industry”.

In this white paper, we analyze the rapid expansion of the U.S. cannabis market over the past several years and explain why we continue to believe it is one of the most attractive investment opportunities of our generation. We identify the characteristics of the U.S. cannabis market and the unique advantages of investment in U.S. cannabis companies as compared to other alternative investments.

We have concluded that given the projected growth of the cannabis industry, the existing large funding gap in the cannabis market and the apparent inevitability of federal legalization, investors in cannabis businesses today will have the opportunity to achieve superior risk-adjusted returns compared to other asset classes.



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